What do we provide?

The full package includes two friendly bar staff, glassware, ice and storage for drinks, standard décor, infused water dispensers and delivery of Vinnie, the Vintage Caravan Bar.

If you opt for a dry hire, Vinnie will be delivered with the ice bins and dispensers. Ice can also be requested at additional cost.

What drinks do we serve?

Beer and cider, wine, champagne, soft drinks and mineral water. You name it! We can also do mixers and cocktails provided you are able to supply all the ingredients. Let us know if there is something you would like to serve not listed above and we will work with you to make it happen. Please keep in mind that cocktails take time to make, and for larger events extra staff may be required at additional cost.

Do we do table service?

We prefer to serve only from the bar. This encourages your guests to mingle with others and keeps alcohol costs down, as people tend to drink less when it's not being consistently topped up! Our staff will collect glasses and bottles when they can to keep tables tidy.

Do we provide alcohol?

Alcohol and drinks need to be supplied by the event organiser or a third party. This means no liquor license is required - you save money buying your drinks direct, while getting all the benefits of the mobile bar.

Where are we based and do we travel?

We are based in Whitianga, but love a road trip and will travel anywhere within the Coromandel Peninsula and Hauraki Regions.

Please keep in mind that for the full package travel is included, however a dry hire will incur a delivery cost for travel outside of the area.

Do we need licenses, consents or insurance?

For a private residence no licensing or consent is required. If your event is at a venue it pays to check with the venue owner if there are any special conditions. For events in a public space you will be required to obtain relevant permissions and permits from the local council. 

We have public liability insurance and vehicle insurance. For a dry hire we will ask for a bond which will help to cover the insurance excess if there are any accidents.

What do we mean “DRY HIRE”? 

Dry Hire means you hire Vinnie only, and your catering company provide the staff. This can work well if your catering company are providing a package which includes bar staff, or if you want to hire Vinnie for a multi-day event or festival.

Do we require power? 

All of our drinks cooling and storage is done with Ice which we keep in a large chiller bin, and our lights are solar powered. This keeps us flexible location-wise and perfect for going off the grid. This also eliminates the need for a noisy generator!

How long can you hire Vinnie for?

We start our package at 5 hours as this is a fairly typically duration, however additional hours are easily arranged. For extra hours we simply charge for the extra staffing costs with an additional fee for hour’s post-midnight. Dry Hire rates are for a full day or night.

Any other question?

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. Alternatively drop us a line anytime by clicking here.